Living Blue in Red State Dating, Politics and Technology

Living Blue in Red State Dating, Politics and Technology

Living Blue in Red State Dating, Politics and TechnologyLiving Blue in Red State Dating, Politics and TechnologyLiving Blue in Red State Dating, Politics and Technology
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About Me

Here is My Story

I am a retired programmer, thus techy granny, living here in central Florida, in The Villages, the largest 55+ community in US, maybe in the world. I was born and raised in Illinois, raised my family there and there they stayed after I was widowed, sold my house, and came here in 2010.

I think I might have been guided by my angels, or fate or whatever. One came in the form of an old classmate that reconnected with me on Facebook after my hubby died. She told me about The Villages and invited me to visit her here. It sounded amazing, and it is. Sue, thank you again, you know you are my angel or at least one of them. 

The home I sold in McHenry IL was my home office for my business, GreenForestWebsites, where I studied marketing and making money online on the Internet. I had done a bunch of garden club websites and was trying to make money via affiliate links, and sell ebooks online, and my hubby tried selling stuff in Ebay for us, while trading stocks online and we both took on a few technical projects on the side after we left corporate America.

I had a pretty popular website I called PlanBReview, which was all about scams, online scams then, as I was a victim early on reselling " ipods" (iRivers) overseas and the check they sent was worthless a month after I deposited it. My hubby wrote a book about buying and selling and researching stocks online, which we sold on PlainLanguagePlace.. I had family photos and news on too. Some my cousins wish I would have kept that up, but then Myspace and Facebook came along. Nobody paid me for all my work, but I really enjoyed it.. It just never paid the bills.

I could go on about other websites, but my point is that I've been publishing websites and blogs since I had my first dial-up modem, home computer, and Internet account. I remember still that when I first learned HTML and the mechanics of publishing websites, I wondered what the heck I would put online for all the world to read. 

My first website was I just put some text up that was my view of the big picture of technology use changing society and the future. And has it ever, huh? I didn't even imagine it all, but some of it, I spelled out way back then. Shopping and banking online, and the concerns over personal information in online databases, scams and influence. Anyway, sometimes in my current discussions, I get into some of these stories of my past, and present. I have so many stories to tell. Writing a book just isn't my jam, though I have tried several times. My reminder is always there from that song in my head with the words "the book is still unwritten in "Unwritten", by Natasha Bettingfield which I wrote across the first page of an old notebook I keep. 

This blog is the method I decided to use for journaling my own life and leaving a bit of me out here on the Akashic record that is the ones and zeros in the cloud of databases of our time on this earth.  Since my kids and grandkids have been busy with their own lives (careers, growing up, etc.) I imagine a time in the future when they might read this and get to know the real me. Today they are too busy to call or visit often and I am content with occasional text messages. I hope they wonder someday about me when they have time and I may not be able to tell them all this. It happened with both my parents. 

I plan to keep this clean enough for my grandkids to read and still be accurate and humorous. That may be a challenge since I am single and 68 and The Villages is the rumored STD capital of the world. Really, that is only a rumor, but it got laughs in the smoking room of the Atlanta airport when I was moving here. Though it does not really matter if it is TRUE today, right? Fake news is just marketing strategy with a purpose. Say anything over and over and people think it is true. Marketing 101. Get it? Right out of Trump University and other online courses I took a dozen or so years ago. Yup, I had affiliate links to several marketing courses on my website, including Trump University. (PS, never made a dime from them.)

Looking around here, you will learn I am passionate about several "causes" which will be sections here that cover my personal beliefs and political views in this hot 2020 election year and some lifestyle coverage including some funny dating stories.

As a visitor you are part of a fantastic community. I hope to read your comments here or on the related social media pages. Perhaps you will influence me and could provide me encouragement to continue or even change my mind. Changing minds is as constant as changing clothes and it gives me more fodder for my blog. Thank you for reading and taking the time to add your comments. (Still trying to find how to get comments working, LOL!)

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